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Stuart Brownstein

חזון, המונע על ידי אתגר, מנהיג מקצועי ומוצלח בעסקים ובקהילה. שחקן קבוצה עם התלהבות טבעית לפוליטיקה ורקורד מוכח של הישג. תפקידי מנהיגות מגוונים עם אחריות מתקדמת. Communicator הטבעי עם היכולת לעורר אנשים וצוותים לפעול להשגת מטרה משותפת. Creative ותושייה מקצועי עם רקורד של בימוי ומשחק תפקיד תורם בשני פרויקטים גדולים וקטנים.


SOI Security Inc.

Jan 2010 - Present

Armed Security Officer

Providing protection services for financial institutions.

  1. Roving Patrol
  2. CCTV Monitoring
  3. Physical Deterence

Defense Coach

Aug 2007 - Present

Chief Instructor | Owner

Firearms safety training at its best. We employ training from many different resources including but not limited to NRA training courses.

  1. NRA First S.T.E.P.S. Pistol Course
  2. NRA Basic Pistol Course
  3. NRA Eddie Eagle Youth Safety Program
  4. Defense Coach Multi-State Concealed (CWFL) Course
  5. Basic Self-Defense Course

Pomeroy IT

Aug 2006 - Jan 2007

IT Consultant

In-House Technical Support for Verizon and Verizon Business.

Eye Express Inc.

Apr 2004 - Jun 2006

IT Manager

Managed IT infrastructure for 6 locations.

Eye Doctor's Optical Outlets

Feb 2003 - Apr 2004

IT Specialist

Developed and program to check and verify all files needed to run the daily financial reports saving approximately on one and a half to two hours per morning on the reporting process.

  1. In-House Technical Support
  2. Web Design for Corporate Website
  3. Daily Financial Reports
  4. Visual Basic Development
  5. Hardware/Software Integration
ניסיון מתנדב

Core Competencies


University of South Florida

June 2010 - August 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Hillsborough Community College

August 1992 - December 2009

Associate of Arts


Martial Arts

Currently hold a 5th degree black belt in American Style Karate.

Founder of Shimizu Ryu Jujitsu


Avid believer and proponent of the 2nd Amendment. I also believe people should be responsible and go through training with any weapons they may own.